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Huminoida was founded in 2007 by K-K- ( formerly a vocalist of electropop band Neuroactive) and AugM (ex-This Empty Flow). "Huminoida" is an odd, poetic Finnish word meaning "to hum","to make a humming noise", which seemed appropriate and original enough for a band name.

First 7" single was released at the end of 2007. A-side, called "Self-titled", was a dark instrumental drone, which wouldn't be far off on some John Carpenter soundtrack. The b-side was hand-carved by the band!

Second single "A/B" was released early 2009, and had some kind of "Minimal Wave" theme with it's obscure Ballardian car-crash lyrics, and the b-side being one of the most minimalistic synth tracks ever! AugM has his own record label to run, and it became apparent that he couldn't find the time to contribute, so he left the band after the second single. K-K- started to write the first full-length album, and released 3-track "Huminoida Loves You" 7" EP in the spring 2010 as a taster of the album in the making.

The colossal electropop / dark synth hybrid "Whiter Album" was released March 2011 introducing highly original take on synthesizer pop matching the catchy pop tunes (Time and Space, the Sound of Synthesizers, 1000 Light Years) to dark soundscapes and experimentation (Bygone Wars - Whiter Noise, Folk of the Twilight Counties, Part-time isolation).

"I'm not a big fan of the strict, formulaic producing method, the idea that every track on the record should be nice and easy and exactly alike to please the ear of a casual listener... The most important records to me have been the ones where the artists have had the guts to do whatever they had wanted to, where they've had the eagerness to offer surprises and show emotions, both beautiful and disturbing."




Huminoida releases are rather works of art than products, handicraft as much as a records can be. The debut single with its hand carved b-side is literally Unique, second single was pressed on clear vinyl and came with a transparent sleeve. The sleeve of the third 7" was painted by K-K-. The vinyl version of Whiter Album came with an "obi" strip, two white vinyls with "stickered" labels, CD, lyric sheet, inserts...

"I've got nothing against the digital releases or downloading, it's a handy way to distribute music, but I'm an old-school music addict, there's something very satisfying in the physical releases, the large artwork, reading lyrics on the inners while listening etc... That's why I like to make an effort with the sleeves and try to offer something extra with every release: booklet, inserts, unusual vinyls and all that, although from the financial point of view it's insanity."

The so-called "Seasons" EP-series started with
"Mystic Summer" in 2013, followed by "Intoxicating Spring" on 2014.

The second Huminoida album named "The Grey Area" was written and recorded during 2015-2017 and released April 2018.

The Seasons -series will continue in the near future.